Why You Need Vitamin D


By Alan Inglis, MD

Dr. Schnuffie’s is a safe and smart cold and flu remedy that goes after causes, not just symptoms. It supplies your body with appropriate, safe doses of Vitamins D and A combined with Zinc and Vitamin C, plus a gentle combination of immune boosting herbal extracts.

When you’re not feeling well with a cold or the flu, you need something that does more than just quell symptoms. It’s time to to help your immune system do its job.  We put Vitamins D and A together to form the bulwark of Dr. Schnuffie’s powerful immune boosting effects. 

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients in our nutritional armamentarium. Over 47,000 peer review studies exist, some date all the way back to 1922.

Vitamin D helps protect you and me against getting sick.  It specifically fights disease-causing viruses and bacteria once we develop symptoms of a cold or the flu. Your body uses it to produce two powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds — cathelicidin and beta defensins.

Vitamin D is really pretty amazing, when you think of it. It is the only nutrient molecule that we create ourselves -- from sunlight. A kind of a blessing, in my view.

But know this:  Vitamin D is found in truly meaningful amounts in just a few foods -- full fat dairy such as butter and especially cold water fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines. Now these important and tasty fish are good for you for a lot of reasons. The vitamin D they contain definitely is one of them.

Unfortunately, in the winter, most people who live in northern climes simply cannot get enough sunlight to make enough vitamin D.  This is because the tilt of the earth puts the us farther away from the sun during the winter months. Kind of gives vitamin D the cold shoulder.  

Chances are, you may not have enough vitamin D in your body. That’s because there is a true vitamin D deficiency pandemic—50% of Americans may be lacking optimal amounts.  That’s right, we’re seriously sun-deprived.  Even in sunny places in the good weather, most of us work indoors and cover our skin with clothing and sunscreen when outside. We’ve cut off nature’s beautifully-honed design for crafting this much-needed nutrient from light.

Now it’s time for a little more science. I always stress education with my patients and take the time to explain my recommendations. I’ve done my best to make it as clear as possible. So check out the following:

The only way I can tell you the Vitamin D story is to also tell right now a little bit about its companion, Vitamin A.  Like I said above, Vitamin D helps your immune system make powerful proteins that battle viruses and bacteria.

But you also need plenty of Vitamin A to nourish and support the delicate mucosal tissue that line our respiratory tracts.

The current approach to vitamin D usually forgets this important fact and completely ignores its extremely important fat soluble companion nutrient, Vitamin A.

You see, what scientists call receptor “cross talk” is crucial for optimal health.

Crosstalk between Vitamins D and A is hardwired into our biology. You need both together, not just one or the other. Receptors for vitamin A and vitamin D are found in every cell.  

More important, vitamins A and D share an ancient receptor in the nucleus of the cell known as retinoid X receptor (RXR). The nuclear receptor expects both to show up for work.  

And here’s a big problem. You always hear a lot of vague talk about keeping the body in balance. Well, we need balance between Vitamins D and A. If we supplement either vitamin D or vitamin A in an unbalanced fashion, we create a functional deficiency of the one not fully supplemented. So you need to get both at the same time.  

Vitamins D and A work together as a team.  Our goal, which cannot be achieved with either nutrient alone, is a fully functioning, balanced immune system set up to effectively battle the disease causing organisms that causes colds and the flu and make us miserable.

I given you some good information here. I hope it helps you understand better why we put what we did in Dr. Schnuffie’s Cold and Flu Remedy.  We just want to give our bodies a better chance of.

IMPORTANT REMINDER :  Both Vitamins D and A are so-called fat soluble vitamins. Practically speaking that means you need to take them with food, not on an empty stomach. As a general rule, our bodies are designed to accept nutrients found in and taken with food.

Sarah W