Avoid sugar if your goal is smart immune system support.

Avoid sugar if your goal is smart immune system support.


Want to stay well? One big thing you can do is avoid sugar in all its forms.

Sugar is the enemy. Wherever you find it. Candy, ice cream, soft drinks, fruit juices, and all those sweetened baked goods – muffin, sweet rolls, cookies, cupcakes, sweetened breakfast cereals, and granolas. It’s a simple scientific fact – sugar suppresses the immune system. When you eat sugar, the fiirst line defender cells that line your respiratory tract basically pack up and go home when you hit ‘em with all that sugar.                         

According to a 1973 study done by Loma Linda University, when you eat 100 grams of sugar -- as much sugar as you find in a one-liter bottle of soda -- your white blood cells are 40 percent less effective at killing germs. 

You can cripple your immune system for up to 5 hours after eating sugar! Glucose, fructose and sucrose all significantly decreased the activity of neutrophils to engulf bacteria! Neutrophils are the "first responders" of white blood cells when you are attacked by invading viruses and bacteria. 

Sugar impacts your white blood cells by competing for space in those cells with Vitamin C. When Linus Pauling did research in the 1970s to find out how the body uses Vitamin C, he discovered that white blood cells need Vitamin C to destroy viruses and bacteria. Sugar and Vitamin C are similar in their chemical structure. 

When you eat sugar, it directly competes for space in your immune cells with Vitamin C! The more sugar in your system, the less Vitamin C gets into your white blood cells, where it is needed to ward off infection. Sugar DOES NOT help your immune system fight infection at all, resulting in a weakened immune system support against infections. (Be wary of Vitamin C products that actually include sugar in their formulations!)

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