Healthy and happy

Healthy and happy

Staying well may be easier than you think. Staying well is more than just feeling OK. It means fewer missed days at work. It means being there for your friends and family. Ultimately staying well means a longer, happier and more productive life.

Here are three basic ways to keep yourself that are simple and easy-to-understand.  

Less is more

Sugar triggers inflammation. Sugar suppresses the immune system. Excess sugar consumption over hours and days increases the chances of coming down with a cold or flu like illness. Excess sugar over months and years increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and early death. 

Eating a balanced whole foods diet that minimizes processed grains such as bread, wheat and pasta helps keep your sugar consumption at a healthy level. Eliminating processed packaged foods with added sugar is also required. So read your labels and know what you are putting in your body.  

Make good sleep a habit

Sleep deprivation is common. Trouble falling asleep. Waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes more than once. Unable to get back to sleep. What a drag! 

Sleeping pills mess with your brain and have dangerous side effects. Avoid them.

Poor sleep interferes with proper immune system functioning and increases your risk of coming down with a cold or flu like illness. Poor sleep is also associated with the usual list of common life shortening degenerative diseases -- diabetes, heart disease and cancer as well as Alzheimer’s’s. 

Poor sleep is mainly a bad habit. Something you can train yourself out of. Regular bed times, TV and computers off -- better yet, keep them out of the bedroom. 7-9 hours a night works for most.

The Right Stuff

The well known vitamins A, D and C and the mineral zinc each have excellent research behind them. Thousands of scientific studies show their ability to help your immune system fight infections.

You get vitamin D from the sun in the spring and summer. It’s found in salmon and full fat dairy such as cheese and butter. You receive the important active retinol form of vitamin A in organ meats and full fat dairy. Both of these are fat soluble vitamins. Most of us need enough healthy fats -- from nuts, seeds, oil, avocados, full fat dairy and meat from healthy animals so we can benefit from these all-important vitamins.

Zinc is found in cells throughout the body and is needed for the body's immune system to work. Find it in oysters, beef, lamb, pumpkin seeds, squash, nuts, dark chocolate, pork, chicken and beans.

Get your vitamin C from a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially peppers and both citrus and tree fruits..

Dr. Schnuffie’s STAY WELL Daily Immune Support is a unique high potency formula that contains vitamins A, D and C, the mineral zinc along with balancing amounts of the fat soluble vitamins E (full complex mixed tocopherols) and K2. STAY WELL is designed to be taken once a day and helps keep you well the year round.