Don’t take any chances. The cold and flu season is still with us!

You need maximum immune support!

You need maximum immune support!

Be prepared. But you don’t need to dress up in a suit, make a silly face and brandish a banana. Just use common sense to keep yourself well this cold and flu season:


Remember whenever you’re in a group -- at work, getting together at a party, or attending a meeting or performance, or any other occasion that brings on close proximity to others, you risk getting sick. A cough or a sneeze propels aerosolized droplets loaded with viruses up to 6 feet or more. Even more important, shaking hands is a sure way to take on someone else's disease causing viruses!

The best plan? Listen and watch for who’s coughing, sneezing or sniffling. And DO NOT SHAKE HANDS WITH ANYBODY. Just politely explain that you want to avoid spreading germs. Folks will thank you!


If you even feel a hint of a cold -- sniffles, sneezes, coughing, the start of a sore throat, fatigue or body aches -- act quickly. DR. SCHNUFFIE'S GET WELL can act to neutralize viruses and help stave off a full blown cold or case of the flu. With safe, high potency doses of the primary immune boosting vitamins A and D plus zinc, th pre-eminent immune boosting mineral. With a solid dose of the non-irritating buffered form of vitamin C and a well thought out, supportive blend of time honored infection fighting herbs.

Act quickly. Start out with two “SCHNUFFIES” twice daily. You can safely continue a 2 tablets twice daily for the complete bottle - over 7 days.

NOTE: ALWAYS TAKE DR. SCHNUFFIE'S WITH. Vitamins A and D are both fat soluble vitamins which means they are not fully absorbed unless you take them with a meal or snack.