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An all-natural cold remedy and daily immune booster that really works.

Tired of juggling 5-10 different vitamins and supplements of questionable quality, wasting time and money trying to get over a stubborn cold?  

We were. Which is why we developed Dr. Schnuffie’s COLD + FLU. The natural all-in-one targeted approach to boosting your body's natural immune response.  We’ve taken high-quality research-backed vitamins and botanical extracts and combined them into one easy-to-take supplement.  Dr. Schnuffie's COLD + FLU takes all the guess work out of getting back on your feet and feeling great again.

Take Dr. Schnuffie's COLD + FLU and be the healthy one in the crowd.

More than just an ordinary vitamin...

  • Carefully selected all-natural ingredients that team up for maximum benefit.

  • Physician’s formula targets a handful of premium ingredients —everything you need in one tablet. 

  • Higher dosages for higher potency — more than any other cold and flu supplement out there.

  • Addresses underlying causes, not just symptoms. Won’t leave you feeling medicated.

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The natural all-in-one targeted approach to battling colds and the flu

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  • All-natural cold remedy
  • Daily immune booster
  • Everything you need in one tablet
  • Fast-acting ultra high potency
  • Highest-quality natural ingredients
  • Physician formulated
  • 100% FDA Compliant
  • Battle-tested Vitamins and Extracts
  • Full Refund Guarantee
  • Endorsed by Medical Professionals

What the doctors are saying:

Dr. Schnuffie’s is a powerhouse of high-potency vitamins and natural herbal extracts which safely stimulate the immune system and clinically help resolve infections.
— Dr. Bruce H Sokoloff, MD FACP | Board Certified Internist, Wilmington DE

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy with Dr. Schnuffie's COLD + FLU