My second bottle already! Can’t remember anything I’ve ever taken that took away my oncoming cold so quickly, like magic! A must-have for your medicine cabinet (and for your travel, bag in fact!) -- It works so well, so fast!”

- Terri in New York


I loved the idea of carefully researched, high quality ingredients, but I have to admit i was a bit skeptical. I’ve never tried other products that made similar claims and did not find them effective. Then I got my first order of Dr. Schnuffie’s just as I felt a cold coming on and guess what? The cold symptoms lessened by morning and were gone the next day! This was a first! I have kept taking it daily and I definitely feel better…”

- Barbara F. Marcus


This is a great product. I had a cold coming on and tried this. It completely reduced my symptoms and I felt much better within hours. By the next day, I had no sign of a cold. I took more fo the formula for the next day just to be sure and totally dodged that bullet. I also like the fact that it is in capsules. I have tried some other products which are a lot messier and taste horrible. Thanks Dr. Schnuffies!”

- T. Bershad


We are proud to carry Dr. Schnuffie’s, a local product in our Coop. The product is formulated by Dr. Inglis, a highly respected local physician who specializes in Functional Medicine.”

- Daniel Esko, General Manager Berkshire Coop Market, Great Barrington, MA


After taking five over-the-counter remedies and several other natural items for months without any success I decided to either go see a doctor or find a natural treatment that worked! I thank God for this formula! I doubled the dosage for the first couple of days and then I used the correct one. It started working within 2 hours of taking it! Within hours my cough was reduced approximately 80%. I am placing another order as soon as I complete this post! Now my wife takes this formula. She works at a hospital. It normally puts her cough to sleep overnight. This is the one to have!! I was not sent anything for free for my review. I paid for every purchase!!”

- William P.L.


I have researched supplements and taken an assortment of them, turmeric most regularly to reduce overall inflammation, but when it came to natural flu and cold remedies I was never really satisfied. I have tried liquid zinc, echinacea and elderberry tinctures and even Zicam to little effect. Without a doubt, Dr. Schnuffie’s is the first product I’ve found that really produces big results as an immune booster. There’s a great synergistic effect happening with Dr. Schnuffie’s - it’s the one immune booster/cold and flu remedy I’ve found that is doing it the right way! Definitely impressive!”

- Amazon Customer


“I was home in the Berkshires over the holidays and bought your Urgent Immune Support at Michelle’s Day Spa under the advice of one of the girls who worked there. We travel a lot and live in Switzerland. I was feeling quite stressed and although my immune system is good I was worried I might get run down and sick. Everyone including my nieces and nephews had colds!!!! I am happy to report that upon taking two pills a day for about 3 weeks I did not get sick despite traveling to 3 countries and many sleepless jet lagged nights. Amazing product. My only wish is that we could buy it in Switzerland. I will have my friends in GB send more soon.
Thank you! Your vitamins helped me have a positive and healthy Christmas! Keep up the good work!”

- Lizzie Hoag


I’m one of those people who gets the big cold with all the nasty symptoms for 7 days minimum. I caught the latest while waiting on my order of Dr. Schnuffle, it arrived 4 days into the cold. 3 doses later and I feel so much improved. I have to think it was Dr. Schnuffle’s that chased it away so quickly.”

- Jean Dupre


I have a delicate immune system, to put it mildly, and when I get the cold that most people have for 10 days or 2 weeks, I have all the debilitating symptoms for at least 2 months, often more. No Kidding. So I really try not to get a cold! Before Dr. Schnuffie’s, it was the luck of the draw. But in the last few months I have felt a sore throat coming on several times - the sure sign of a disaster for me - and stopped in its tracks by taking a couple of Dr. Schnuffie’s a day for a couple of days. It worked every time! For me, a miracle. And the cleanest ingredients I can imagine. Doctor formulated, and a beautiful blend of just the right amounts of vitamins and herbs. I have never found anything like it before, and I will now not ever be without it. As Flu season approaches, I think I will take it proactively on a daily basis to keep me save. Thank you, Doctor! And thank you, Amazon, for making it available. Without reservation I recommend this product completely.”

- Tigger Bruenn


I work long hours and have two little ones at home. I don’t have time to be sick. I think immune support is a smart way to go. There’s always someone sick at work, and the kids are always bringing home something. I think Dr. Schnuffie’s is the best of the bunch. I’ve never seen a tablet that is so concentrated with high-potency vitamins. From now on, it’s gonna be Dr. Schnuffie’s for me.”

- Eric Won


I work outdoors on job sites, and I work for myself, so I can’t afford to miss a day of work. I don’t like the drugstore approach to treating colds/flu… covering only symptoms. I tried Dr. Schnuffie’s when a stubborn chest cold wouldn’t go away - and it did! I like that it was developed by a rural doctor in Massachusetts who has used it with his patients for years. I might take it as an immune booster from now on, and double up if I get a cold. Thank you, Dr. Schnuffie’s!”

- Craig O.L.


Just finished the first bottle. Each time I started to get a sore throat I took 2 of these and I never got sick!!! Going to purchase another bottle!”

- Wendy R.


I bought this on a friend’s recommendation and after I saw how natural it is. Nothing artificial at all and the fact that the doctor who created it has used it on his patients for years really helped me in my decision. I haven’t had a cold but want to have it around when the time comes… as it will! I wanted to see how I would feel using it daily as an immune boost and I DO seem to generally feel better than usual. It certainly can’t hurt to have these ingredients in my system as an immune boost. Who knows… maybe I won’t even get a cold this year!”

- Lee R.


I started taking Dr. Schnuffie’s when I felt like I was coming down with a cold…… this stuff did the trick, I never got sick! After that I continued taking one every day as a cold preventative and to help boost my immune system. Also, I do not get flu shots and I feel this is a healthy alternative to warding off all those contagious germ out there. Highly recommend!”

- J. Pemble


Felt much better after taking this, no cold medicine side effects either. Am continuing to take it as a supplement to fight off any other germs out there and keep my immune system healthy and doing its job protecting me, especially when I feel run down and vulnerable.”

- R. Nugget, Amazon Customer


So far no cold or flu! And pill is easy swallowable with no side effects. I take 2 a day during the winter and believe I’m well protected. I’m giving a bottle to everyone for Christmas.”

- Vi, Amazon Customer


I’m new to Dr. Schnuffie’s, but I really like it. Tried it last week when I had a cold that just wouldn’t go away - and it worked. Felt better the next morning and stayed better. Taking the rest of the bottle as a daily immune support. Probably going to buy another one just to have around for the next time, and definitely when if I travel. From what I can tell, it works a lot better than Airborne.”

- Jennifer Oko


Hi, we met one day at the Harvest Co-Op in Cambridge and I just happen to have a cold at the time. I purchased a bottle of your Get Well product and took it for a week. It was amazing, it relieved me of my cold symptoms in less than a week. I have passed out your cards and plan to purchase the Stay Well bottle. Thanks for a great product!”

- Anita R., Cambridge, MA


This product consists of well prove, tolerable, natural ingredients that are quite effective at boosting the immune system and helping to prevent or even treat infections of various types. I am an integrative practitioner and have worked with similar compounds for years. Dr. Schnuffie’s Cold & Flu is a well thought out combination of safe ingredients. My experience has been that it works better than other similar products available online and in stores.”

- Amazon Customer