The Schnuffie’s Story

Shortly after Andrew's daughter was born, he nicknamed her Schnuffles, which eventually become “Schnuffie” (shnuff-EEE). It’s a goofy nickname for a little girl who is about as goofy as her father.


Schnuffie lives in Germany with her mother, and Andrew travels there several times a year to schnuggle with her. But his immune system is very average, and like most people, he catches whatever is going around each winter. Add transatlantic flights and jetlag to that equation and you get the idea.

When Andrew arrives in Germany, he's landing there as a single parent in a foreign country. He doesn’t have the luxury of getting sick. He has to be 110% for his little girl.

Andrew's internist (and now business partner), Dr. Inglis, used to hand-write a formula that he developed over many years with hundreds of his patients. Dr. Inglis is a bit shy about saying this, but he’s considered one of the finest physicians in the region. People routinely travel four, five, even six hours to see him, because he knows how to make people better when the regular medical system has failed.

Anyhow, Dr. Inglis’ formula required the purchase of more than a hundred dollars in ingredients that took up most of one of those shopping baskets that many stores have. And it required counting out dozens of vitamins several times a day, let alone measuring out liquid herbal extracts. But it always worked. Andrew frequently took it at the first sign of a cold. He even used to copy out the formula for his friends when they got sick. Amazed by the results, they'd tell their friends about it, too. 

But Andrew had to travel with it. Utterly reliant on Dr. Inglis’ recipe, he somehow managed to take the whole caboodle of ingredients with him whenever he visited his Schnuffie in Germany.

One day Andrew finally wisened up and asked Dr. Inglis: “Couldn’t there be a better, simpler way? Like, maybe, a tablet or something?”

Dr. Inglis didn’t hesitate: “Yes. Yes, there could."

And now there is.

Who's your Schnuffie?


Schnuffie's a bit older now, yet similarly awesome. Here she is with her dog, Bookie. (Yes, that's a real dog.) But she's still very much her Papa's Schnuffie. Because, although it's a made-up word, Schnuffie is synonymous with love. And love never grows old. 

If we're lucky, we all have someone to love and adore, to keep healthy, and to keep healthy for. Which leads us to one of life's great questions:

Who's your Schnuffie?

Send us an email with a photo of your Schnuffie, and a description of why they're so awesomely lovable -- and we'll publish it on our site!