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Everything you need ... in one bottle.

Dr. Schnuffie's Cold + Flu was developed by an experienced general practitioner who spent years formulating a carefully crafted blend of high-grade vitamins and time-honored botanical extracts. 

He’s used this high-potency vitamin and herbal approach successfully in his own private practice for more than a decade with hundreds of his patients.

Dr. Schnuffie’s is designed to be a safe and smart cold and flu remedy that goes after causes, not just symptoms. It offers high doses of Vitamins D and A combined with Zinc and Vitamin C, plus a gentle combination of immune-boosting herbal extracts.

Vitamin D, which is both a vitamin and a hormone, helps protect against getting sick, and acts specifically against disease-causing viruses and bacteria once we develop symptoms. It does this by helping produce two key anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds — cathelicidin and beta defensins. These key players in the body’s first line of defense against infection are absolutely dependent on vitamin D.

Vitamin A improves the function of white blood cells — a general category of immune system cells that protect the body against infectious disease. More specifically, vitamin A supports the production of immune system proteins that protect against infection in both the respiratory and digestive tracts. Dr. Schnuffie’s uses Retinyl Palmitate, a very reliable activated form of vitamin A.

Both vitamin D and A are fat-soluble nutrients, so they’re not quickly flushed out of your system. But you need to take them with food.

Zinc helps prevent viruses from reproducing and lodging in the respiratory tract. Zinc has also been shown to shorten the duration of the common cold when taken within 24 hours of the first signs and symptoms.

Vitamin C is one the biggest general immune system boosters of all. It has shown a persistent favorable effect on the duration and severity of colds in supplementation studies. It is safe and well-tolerated in the high-grade non-acidic (buffered) form found in Dr. Schnuffie’s. 

Dr. Schnuffie’s combination of traditional old school immune-boosting herbal extracts perfectly complements the mix of vitamins to help fight and prevent colds and flu. They include astragalus root, lemon balm, ginger root, thyme leaf, rosemary leaf, elderberry fruit, and olive leaf. Dr. Schnuffie’s only uses the more costly high-quality and high-potency plant extracts for better results.

It’s important to emphasize that Dr. Schnuffie’s includes the more potent activated retinoic acid form of vitamin A, as well as a costlier well-tolerated buffered form of vitamin C. Our proprietary herbal blend also consists of herbal extracts, a more potent form of herbal supplementation.

Dr. Schnuffie’s COLD + FLU is manufactured in the USA in a FDA-certified facility that adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) for dietary supplements.