Annotated Medical Bibliography
By Dr. Alan Inglis, MD

I like to describe important minerals such as zinc as key multitaskers in our bodies.This means they play a role in many different aspects of our physiology and health. And I always like to know if the research points to the likelihood of people not getting enough of a particular mineral of interest, such as zinc. 

One the most important roles of zinc in our bodies is as a key player in our immune system. In addition, zinc is one of those nutrients many of us just don’t have enough of in our bodies, due to changes in eating habits, aging and medication use. 

When I look at the research that supports the use of zinc especially for the common cold, I am reassured by the strong positive signals coming from the excellent Cleveland Clinic and the prestigious Cochrane Collaborative, the world’s pre-eminent evidence-based medicine organization. For these reasons it only made good sense for us to include zinc -- properly dosed -- in Dr. Schnuffie’s Cold + Flu Remedy.

-- Dr. Alan Inglis


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